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I don’t believe in …

You must be lucky to be able to stick the head in the ground like that. Sure, its getting dryer and therefore this might be easier over time. Please check your argument here:

We don’t have time to discuss if or when. But we might be able to build games that helps you *plopp* your head back into fresh air.

Why now? Short answer: We don’t have any time to loose.

I was interested in reducing my personal carbon footprint for a long time. But it took Fridays for Future global strike day in September 2019 and the totally inadequate answer of German government to realise how not five to twelve but more like two to high noon it is. There would be a lot to say to this, but even if the odds are in our favour at 1.5 degrees or even 2.0 degrees increase – there will be a new draw every year. And it will only get worse the longer we wait.

Within the future category some of the questions might get longer answers over time now.

What is the idea behind a game jam?

It is astonishing, what can be achieved in two days. Thats the typical time for the weekend jams from Friday to Sunday. So instead of increasing the crowd on Fridays only so little, we take that time once every few month to be creative like we are in our daily business.

With a common goal to increase awareness for climate crisis, we do not have to restrict ourself to games on a jam. Create posters or visualisation or VR experiences.

From experience with the 1st gdff game jam the 2nd gdff game jam might be more open in its form to include more then just game developers. And this wiki is an addition to the game jam idea that might better work to connect game developers for future.

Have you thought about a cooperation with X?

Yes, I have. And I am sure a time will come to seek cooperation. I am a strong believer in cooperation.

But to act fast, independence is better.

To be most creative, grassroots movement have more freedom.

Who are you, I have never heard of you..

My name as starter of this gdff stuff is Björn Lilleike aka Bulleye. I started in the games industry last century and worked in or with different studios like Ascaron, Related Designs, Travian Games and remote control productions.

I started as Game designer, was team lead in a browergames studio and now mostly consult on game analytics.

So if you found this initiative without knowing me, someone who knew me forwarded the idea because he or she probably shared the vision and trusted me to implement it.

Why is everything English but the legal stuff?

Its a global issue after all. And more then half the Germany based game companies I worked with in the last years use English for day to day communications.

But for legal a German version is mandatory and I had no interest to invest time into a translation.

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