Retro January

The first month of 2020 is almost gone and gdff had a pause in action, because there are already two prominent game jams in january.

Next is Global Game Jam which I already mentioned in an earlier news. If they don't provide a climate topic - choose one ourself. There are a lot of variations how to address climate crisis in a game. And we will start to collect them.

Calendar of fridays for future - global

There is already a timeline for 2020 with a full month of climate strike in April.

There will be elections in USA later the year. They will most probably have a huge impact how easy (or hard) it will be to handle climate crisis.

2nd GDFF event 24.-26. April 2020

The next gdff event is planned for the global strike day Friday 24.04.2020 and the following weekend.

I am currently looking for an event location and think about the program. Please feel free to join the discussion.

Wiki for collaboration

Last year I started with the easiest solution to collect and display information.

There is a facebook group and a Discord server but nothing created a broader participation yet.

From the last game jam I took the idea of a wiki - because it is more useful to grow an information base.
This is, why the page is transitioning and in near future a public registration on this confluence will be possible.

Other channels will get closed until there is enough activity to justify them.